Posted by: owizblog | June 11, 2018

…and we could do with more hymns on inclusion, unreserved acceptance, affirmation and grace, too…

This will go to “O Waly Waly”.

I am as broken, as beloved
As every soul in flesh that lives
But Jesus wears my flesh and blood
He shared my life, who heaven’s life gives.

Though I’m no more, I am no less
Than any other soul on earth
And I know this: God made me to know
The love that gives all things their worth.

For what we are is all we’ve lived
And what we are is how we were born;
All this I know God’s love accepts!
My human nature Christ has worn.

And things I do that lack his love
Deny him, and cause pain to me;
But what I am that shows God’s love –
What else but God’s gift could that be?

Who else’s mould, then, must I fit?
To whose plan, pattern, must I conform,
Save Jesus’ loving likeness, that
God’s freeing grace in me will form?

I am as broken, as beloved
As you, my friend, and you as me
Are just as precious, as affirmed
By God’s love, to eternity.

(c) John Owain Jones 2018

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