Posted by: owizblog | June 6, 2018

Not many hymns on insanity…

This week’s Gospel reading, Mark 3, is a bit shocking. It’s about Jesus’ family trying to get him certified. There aren’t many hymns on madness, so this might help supply a lack in a small way…

(It’ll go to the tune “Kingsfold” – I’ve done the maths…)

When Jesus taught, healed and forgave,

His mother, brothers, came

Distraught, possessive in their love,

The mad son to reclaim

Yet there he was, within a house

Of strangers, with this throng

Of those who’d never found a place

On earth they could belong.


Were they the family of God

Who, hearing of his deeds;

Embarrassed by the desperate folk

Who brought to him their needs;

Who’d heard he spoke the Kingdom’s hope,

And thought that hope insane,

So lurked outside the hope-thronged house

To bring him home again?


Are we the family of God? The words

Trip easy from the tongue

“Belonging”, “love” – from these word-pegs

Our sense of Church is hung;

But does our love have  “in” and “out”,

Our welcome, though sincere

Conceal this thought: “Jesus is ours!

You’ll only know him here”?


In this mad world, love’s sanity

Appears a thing insane;

Hence mad, Christ Jesus, you appear

Who lived love’s risk and pain.

Where we’d domesticate that love

In “family’s” clichéd chill

Dare us to find our family

In all who seek God’s will.


(c) John Owain Jones 2018


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