Posted by: owizblog | March 2, 2017

Live With It And Own It, Or Change It Because It’s Wrong? Thought For The Day, BBC Radio Scotland, 1 March 2017

Bore da, a Dydd Gwyl Ddewi hapus! It’s St David’s Day, and I’m a magnanimous kinda’ guy, and I’m certainly not going to grudge my adopted land a magnificent win over the Land of my Fathers at the Rugby on Saturday. I’m actually glad there was nobody to run onto the field brandishing the correct envelope, to tell the Scots they hadn’t won after all. Some things are decided the right way the first time.

As our transatlantic friends would say: “How about them Oscars?” Warren Beatty opens the “Best Picture” result envelope; boggles at it; hands it to Faye Dunaway, who blurts out “La-La Land!”; the wrong people enjoy a brief few moments of rapturous celebration. Backstage, a horrible truth sinks in…

A thought struck me. For a few seconds, only a handful of people would have known that it was a terrible mistake. I wonder, did any of them think, insanely, “Shall we just leave it? We could just live with it, now it’s been announced…”

Clearly, that’s a terrible idea! If anyone had conceived it, even in those fraught few moments, it would surely only have lasted a nanosecond. Reality always returns. It’s a mistake. It has to be put right. That’s what you do with mistakes.

We are revision-resistant people, and we live in a revision-resistant society. The instinct not to rethink runs deep in us. “It’s been decided. It’s happening. Move on… Good idea or bad, we’ll live with it…”

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Jesus’ call to the desert. You’ll have had your pancakes, then…  Six weeks, not just a fraught few seconds, to sit with the big questions of our lives…

So…  Is this the road we want to be on? Is it possible that this decision that we took, and bound ourselves to, is actually quite wrong?

Lent is an invitation to sit, in a wilderness of the mind, with the choices we’ve made; and, if we have the courage, to ask whether we should still be bound by them, or whether they were mistakes, and whether the time has come to put them right…

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